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Green Burial Locations

We are proud to offer green burial options at three of our naturally landscaped Historic Cemeteries. 

A green, or natural burial is the interment of the body into the soil with the intention to hasten the return of the body to the natural earth, in a manner that does not suppress decomposition. Green burials encourage the integration of the human body within the cycles of nature.

This is a burial option that we offer for our community that wishes to care for themselves or their loved ones in a way that has minimal environmental impact by aiding in the conservation of natural resources, reducing carbon emissions, and restoring/preserving the natural landscape.

Shrouds and caskets made from only natural biodegradable materials are used and there is no use of a grave liner or vault in these areas.

Graves are marked with either an inscribed unpolished natural stone or a discreet permanent identification marker provided by the Nevada Cemetery District.