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The Nevada Cemetery District offers a variety of affordable interment options at all of our open and active cemeteries.

The options available from the District include:

  • In-ground plots for casketed burials
  • In-ground plots for cremated remains
  • Green/Natural burial sites
  • Dedicated Veterans section
  • Niches/Columbaria for cremated remains
  • Scattering gardens for cremated remains- Includes bronze name plate
  • Ossuary for cremated remains Includes bronze name plates
  • Opening and closing of graves for casketed and cremation burials
  • Poly vaults for traditional burials
  • Cremation vaults for in-ground cremation burials
  • Concrete foundations for permanent in-ground memorial markers
  • Memorial name plates and flower vases for niches
  • Chairs and Tent/Canopy for services