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The Nevada Cemetery District offers a wide variety of interment and service options in the 18 open and active cemeteries that it operates. The District offers complete interment services, with the exception of permanent granite or marble in-ground memorial markers, once a full-body casket or a cremains urn is delivered to a cemetery. The District will open and close graves for burials of full bodies or cremains and provide grave-side furnishings such as a tent and chairs. It will open and close niches in columbaria for interments of cremains. It will assist in the scattering of cremains or the interment of cremains in an underground vault and provide bronze memorial markers for both.

The options available from the District include:

  • In-ground plots for full bodies
  • In-ground plots for cremains
  • Opening and closing full-body and cremains plots
  • Concrete and poly vaults for full-body burials
  • Cremation vaults for in-ground cremains
  • Concrete foundations for permanent in-ground memorial markers
  • Columbaria for cremains
  • Opening and closing cremains niches
  • Memorial name plates and flower vases for niches
  • Scattering gardens for cremains
  • Memorial name plates for scattered cremains
  • Underground vaults for cremains
  • Memorial name plates for underground vaults
  • Green Burial
  • Tent and chairs for interment services