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Meadow Lake Cemetery

Webber-Meadow Lake Road, Summit City, CA

A memorial sign for Henry W. Hartley (1820-1892) among trees with the belief that his town would live again.

Meadow Lake, elevation 7300 ft., enjoyed a gold mining boom in 1865, resulting in its incorporation as the County’s third city. A town was laid out by speculators and the population reached several thousand in 1866, only to implode and become a ghost city by 1867. It suffered from a combination of the gold being difficult to extract from the other minerals to which it was bound and the fact that the area is snowbound most of the year. The Cemetery is about a half mile from the old town site, in a very scenic location. The Cemetery is well cared for by local stewards and quite a few markers are visible, including that of Meadow Lake’s  first and last resident, Henry Hartley. It no longer accepts interments.