Relief Hill Cemetery

Est. 1853. Closed to burials.

This cemetery is one of the smallest that the district operates. The town of Relief Hill and the cemetery were established together, with about 75 residents in the town. The town was one of the last holdouts of the hydraulic mining era. People stayed in hopes of being able to legally practice hydraulic mining once again but to no avail. The town closed down in the 1884-1890 period, leaving the cemetery in place.  Some buildings remain including the old school house but are on private property. The road to the cemetery has failed, and is not accessible to the public, which has resulted in the District having to close this site to burials.

Relief Hill Cemetery is located on Relief Hill Canyon Road just past the town of Washington on the way to North Bloomfield. It was established in 1856 and is currently open and active. To reach the cemetery, take Washington Road off of Highway 20 and pass through the town to Relief Hill Road. At the house on the right, turn left and then right down into Relief Hill Canyon. At the bottom of the canyon, take a right up the hill and a left turn at the top to the cemetery on the left.

GPS Coordinates N 39,21.285 W 120,51.651