Rough and Ready Cemetery

Est. 1850. Currently open to burials.

Sitting on a hill overlooking a town that briefly seceded from the Union in 1850 in order to not pay taxes only to rejoin a short time later, The Rough and Ready Cemetery is one of the oldest and largest of the 27 district cemeteries. Many of the first settlers of the town are buried there, along with family members and descendents.

The Rough and Ready Cemetery is located at 14472 Stagecoach Way in Rough and Ready, just off of the Rough and Ready Highway. It was established in 1850 and is an open and active cemetery. To reach the cemetery, take West Main Street from Grass Valley which becomes the Rough and Ready Highway. When first entering the town of Rough and Ready, turn right on Stagecoach Way and proceed to the cemetery about a quarter of a mile up the hill.

GPS Coordinates N 39,13.900 W 121,08.166