North Bloomfield Cemetery

Est. 1851. Currently open and active.

Perhaps our most visited cemetery. This site is within the Malakoff Diggins State Park that sees thousands of visitors every year, including many school children who are taken there. The town of North Bloomfield was founded in 1853 and was the largest town in the area by 1860. The Nevada Cemetery District maintains the cemetery. The cemetery is in two sections with the older section on the west side and the newer one on the east side. The District performs several interments each year in the cemetery. Many wooden headstones still exist.

The North Bloomfield Cemetery is located within Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park. To reach cemetery, take Highway 49 north from Nevada City, turn right on Tyler Foote Crossing Road and then continue on Cruson Grade Road. Turn right on North Bloomfield Road and proceed to the visitor’s center for the park. The cemetery is located near the North Bloomfield Historic School House and the Historic Church.

GPS Coordinates N 39,22.014 W 120,54.310