Meadow Lake Cemetery

Est. 1862. Closed to burials.

The most remote cemetery within the District, sitting at the old town site of Summit City. The town quickly sprang up at the discovery of gold in 1865, boasting 4,000 residents at its peak. The town disappeared just as quickly when it became clear the gold in the ore was too difficult to extract. The cemetery is all that remains and is closed to further burials.

Meadow Lake Cemetery is located in the Tahoe National Forest about a half mile past Meadow Lake on Webber-Meadow Lake Road. To reach the cemetery, take Highway 89 north from Truckee and turn left on Henness Pass Road, then left again on Webber-Meadow Lake Road. Follow the road around Meadow Lake and turn right at the wooden sign that describes the history of Summit City. Continue about a half-mile and watch for a small dirt road to the right. The cemetery is a short distance up the dirt road.

GPS Coordinates N 39,24.767 W 120,30.556