Loney-Sanford Ranch Cemetery

Est. 1883. Currently open and active.

In 1875, James and Sarah Sanford purchased some of the land where the cemetery is now located from the Loney family. They planned to build a church on the site beneath the massive blue oaks, but James Sanford died before construction could be started. His wife buried him on the property to start the cemetery. The cemetery was known as the Loney Cemetery and was owned by the Loney family until they deeded it to the district. In the late 1980s, the Sanford family requested that the Sanford name be added to the cemetery and the Board of Trustees of the district agreed.

The Loney-Sanford Ranch Cemetery is located at 20584 McCourtney Road near Grass Valley, about seven miles past the Nevada County Fair Grounds and near the intersection with Lime Kiln Road.  It is adjacent to the new Elster Memorial Cemetery.

GPS Coordinates N 39,06.279 W121,09.143