Moores Flat Cemetery

Est. 1851. Closed to burials.

Although the town is gone, with only the cemetery remaining, it has a unique story. The first cemetery was established in 1851 when the town of Moores Flat was growing–it reached a population of 500 by 1852. In 1878, gold was discovered beneath the first cemetery.  The townspeople petitioned the county board of supervisors to move the cemetery at a cost of roughly $900 and were granted permission. The locals established the present cemetery and moved 145 bodies from the old cemetery to the new one so that the gold could be mined.

Moores Flat Cemetery is located at the mining diggings of Moores Flat off of Bloomfield-Graniteville Road on the way to the town of Graniteville. It is difficult to find. Call the District office at 530-265-3461 for driving directions to the cemetery.

GPS Coordinates N 39,25.659 W 120,51.331